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Soft Skills Trainer & Performance Coach B.E Comp Sc. , M.Tech. IT, Certified Coach, CC, CL, ACS

Eide Hillal K

Eide Hillal is a Soft Skills Trainer and Performance Coach with International experience in conducting workshops for professionals , businessmen and students to improve their productivity and bring them to top by providing highly interactive training sessions with practical , scientific and ethical examples. His unique style with fun and games makes his sessions highly practical and useful for participants.

Hundreds of people have benefits from his sessions.  DML (Discover ,Master and Lead) is his highly successful series of workshops. Join his mission “Transform Skilled youth into Professionals


Transform skilled youth into Professionals

Discover your Body Mind and Soul Harmony
Discover your Personality , Passion and Purpose
Strengths , Weakness and Opportunities
Discover your Control, Courage and Curiosity
Find Your Feelings, frustrations and future
Your Basic Needs to Your Self-actualization
Your Happiness , Satisfaction and Serenity

 By Knowledge , Skills and Attitude

 By Effectively using Time , Energy and Attention

 By using Training , Technology and Tools
 Gain Performance , Productivity and Excellence
 Use Kaizen, Habits ,Effectiveness Techniques
 Learn Decision Making /Certainty and uncertainty
 Novice , Apprentice , Practitioner ,Expert
 Matrix of learning , UI, CI,CC,UC – Competence
 Autonomy ( Task , Time , Technique and Team)

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